Performing Encounters @ Kreuzberg Pavillon
April 18, 2015

Both working on the topics of weaving, artists Berenice Güttler and Nikolaus Baumgarten share an interest in video-games.
Nikolaus developed websites like the zoomquilt and programmed browser to create Girih patterns. He is a painter and a sceptic. Berenice was working the last month at monastery St. Marienberg on old weaving technics. She uses textiles, sewing, weaving in similar ways, Nikolaus uses algorithms and color.

We encountered their works at Kreuzberg Pavillon and discussed the woven structures of web and net during a “white dinner”.

NOTE: I asked every participant of the “white dinner salon” to bring a text/material related to “networks”. We discussed some of these texts during the evening and had inspiring conversations about the net as structure, textile and rhizome.

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