Performing Encounters @ KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin
January 12, 2016

“Identity of a resident stranger”

Salon no2

Nina Haab  (*1985, Bellinzona, lives in Geneva) is a photographer and video artist. Her practice  explores the memories of others through their life stories, personal archives and meaningful places. These elements constitute the main inspiration and source material for her work, and her installations   and films reimagine and represent her collaborators’ stories.
During her residency at ABA AiR Alexanderplatz in Berlin, Haab has been holding Salons as part of her research and process of memory collection and exchange. The Salon at KW Institute for Contemporary Art took place at the KW- Studiolo on January 12th and offered the participants the opportunity to encounter the topic of memory trough different perspectives:

Is memory selective? Can we trust our memories?

This Salon was a collaborative project, together with the KunstWerke Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin ABA AiR Alexanderplatz and Performing Encounters and was supported by The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.

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