Performing Encounters & ABA @ zqm
January 25, 2016

On the occasion of Chloé Delarues exhibition at zqm Berlin, the salon TAFAA – Writing room questions the relation between body/nature and ghost/machine from different perspectives.

TAFAA (Toward A Fully Automated Appearance) is a combination of several installations, that Chloé prefers to call “environments”. These environments are elements of the recomposition of a more or less abstract body. Once these elements overlap, they create a sort of spectrum, a material and immaterial flow of informations that Chloé then links with “the Ghost”.

“The Ghost” in computer sciences means cloning via fragmentation, partition. Therefore a “Ghost” copy is never a real copy but a more substantial one – one that seeks to save the very substance of an information.
This process of “Ghosting”  interests Chloé in relation to her research about the so-called ” Capgras Delusion”. The Capgras Delusion, a “delusional misidentification syndrome” is a human desease. People with Capgras Delusion believe, that someone or something close to him has been replaced by his double, a copy.
During her residence at ABA AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz Chloé got curious about this analogy, this “flow shape” between us and the tools we use.
Our gathering focussed on the above described topics in relation to the works displayed in the exhibition space.

NOTE: We asked the participants to use some disposable cameras for documentation purposes.